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ROLE: First Sergeant (aka shirt) for the 412 maintenance group staff and the 412 maintenance squadron, currently deployed.

BIO: Sergeant Reid is the first sergeant in the 412th command squadron on Edwards Air Force Base. To prepare for this role, he had to attend and complete the First Sergeant academy course. This course consists of training on how to maintain good order and disciplined within a unit by providing, mediation, life skills, emergency response to assist airmen who are experiencing adversity. He holds an Associates of Science degree in Information Technology and Human Resources and is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree. Sergeant Reid’s occupational goal is to continue progressing in his career in the profession of arms. However, he is preparing for a future career in the information technology industry.

When he was in elementary school, he wanted to be a police officer. Throughout his educational journey, he was intrigued by the study of history and reports that math was his most difficult subject to master.

“My biggest challenge was verbal communication, I was born in Jamaica so, adjusting to a different dialect of the English language was challenging, so because of this insecurity, I was always quiet and shy. I had to overcome that to become a first sergeant.”

His advice to the children in our program is, no matter how knowledgeable you are about a subject or your skill level, nothing beats hard work and determination. “Always try your hardest at everything that you are tasked with.”