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“Life Friends” Campaign 

Our goal is to increase the number of “LIFE FRIENDS” and complete phase two of the Flight Test Museum’s construction.

The Flight Test Museum Foundation is on a mission to preserve the historic and most unique collection of X-planes, aircraft, and archives in the world. The Aerospace Valley is home to the first jets, supersonic flight, and more first flights and air speed records than anywhere on the planet. Your support will contribute to the new museum’s building fund. The new museum will provide STEM education for an estimated 1.5 million students in K-12 in the counties of Los Angeles, Kern, and San Bernardino. The Aerospace Valley spans all three counties, and the museum will not only provide educational opportunities but economic benefits through tourism to all three.

To reach our fundraising goals, we have a competition running from May – December 2023 with prizes for the winning teams every six weeks of the competition. Winners receive glider flights and lessons from instructors at the AF Test Pilot School, tickets to events, and gift certificates.

Season Results: Top 3 Teams

1st Place

A North Division: Patriots

Tehachapi Kiwanis Club

President Dallas Dehart; Coach Mary Dewit


2nd Place

L.A. County Angelenos

Commissioner Don Mallick; Coach Angella Raisian


3rd Place

Kern County Boundless

Commissioner Joe Sobczak; Coach Diane Barney


Friendship Drive Winners!

Each quarter, the top 4 teams who have recruited the most Lifetime Friends of the Museum Foundation win a glider ride towed by none other than our very own Jimmy D.!

The first glider ride is August 19th from 9:00-13:00 at Skylark North Airport in Tehachapi California.

This Quarter’s Winners are:

  • The Kern County Boundless Team Member: Evelyn Mizell
  • Quality Erectors & Construction Co. Team Member: Civil Air Patrol Cadet CMsgt Hope Staley
  • Air & Space Forces Association Team Member: Civil Air Patrol Cadet SSgt Skyla Castro
  • The Rotary Club of Tehachapi Team Member: TBD

The National Museum Leagues’ Divisions and Teams

AMERICAN MUSEUM CONFERENCE (AMC) – Kern & San Bernardino Counties

Diane Barney – American Museum Conference Coordinator

East Division

  1. Victorville Rotarians “Texans
  2. Victorville Kiwanis “Colts
  3. Victor Valley Lions “Jaguars
  4. Barstow Crossroads Kiwanis “Titans

North Division 

  1. Six Bakersfield Kiwanis Clubs “Bills
  2. Tehachapi Lions Club “Dolphins
  3. Tehachapi Kiwanis Club “PatriotsPresident Dallas Dehart; Coach Mary Dewit
  4. Tehachapi Rotary Club “JetsPresident Judy Trujillo

South Division

  1. Apple Valley Kiwanis “Broncos
  2. Tri-Community Kiwanis (Phelan-Pinon Hills-Wrightwood) “Chiefs
  3. Las Vegas Kiwanis “Raiders
  4. Barstow Rotarians “Chargers

West Division

  1. Three Bakersfield Rotarian Clubs “Ravens
  2. Cal City Lions Club “BengalsPresident-Pamela Burdick
  3. Arvin-Lamont Kiwanis “Browns
  4. Rosamond C of C “Steelers



Les Uhazy – National Museum Conference Coordinator

East Division

  1. Palmdale Rotary “Cowboys
  2. Hispanic C of C “Giants
  3. Palmdale Kiwanis`1 “Eagles
  4. Palmdale C of C “Commanders

North Division

  1. Lancaster Rotary “Bears
  2. Lancaster Lions Club “Lions
  3. Lancaster C of C “Packers
  4. Lancaster Kiwanis “Vikings

South Division

  1. Santal Clarita Kiwanis “Panthers
  2. Santa Clarita C of C “Saints
  3. Santa Clarita Rotary Clubs “Buccaneers
  4. Valencia C of C “49ers

West Division

  1. Las Vegas Rotarians “Cardinals
  2. Air Force Association “FalconsPresident Paul Vitale; Coach Denise Smith
  3. Quartz Hill C of C “Rams
  4. Pete Knight H. S. Jr. AFROTC “Sea Hawks


Farm Team Leagues – All Individuals or groups that were not recruited to be a member of one the 32 Teams.

Ed Burnett – Farm Team League Coordinator

Los Angeles County “Angelenos” Commissioner Don Mallick; Coach Angella Raisian

Kern County “Boundless” Commissioner Joe Sobczak; Coach Diane Barney

San Bernardino County “Spirits” Honorary Commissioner the Late Great Chuck Yeager; Coach Don Weiss

League Commissioners duties are to just encourage and cheer on their teams.