“Life Friends” Campaign Goal (May – September 2023):
To conduct a Friendship drive to increase the number of “LIFE FRIENDS” from 225 to 1,400 Life Friends and raise $1.2 million in order to install the siding, roof and hanger door on the framed-up structure of the Flight Test Museum completing Phase Two of the construction.

To establish a roaring start for kicking off the major gifts campaign of the Capital Fund drive required to complete the total build-out of the Flight Test Museum (75,000 square ft.).  This new building will allow the entire facility to move to the outside of the west gate of Edwards AFB for easy community and public access.

To preserve historic aircraft and to provide STEM education for an estimated 1.5 million students in K-12 in the counties of Los Angeles, Kern, and San Bernardino.  A portion of Edwards AFB is in all 3 of these counties and in which Edwards provides economic benefit!

Quarter 1: Top 3 Teams

1st Place



2nd Place



3rd Place