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B.A. Liberal Studies Chapman University 1992
M.A. Education Chapman University 1999
Ph.D. Disaster Management University of Tennessee 2006

Dee Chester’s (Elected to board 2024) passion for Space began on 5 May 1961 when she was 5 years old, watching Alan Shepard’s flight and knew that she wanted to be an Astronaut. She started collecting everything about space-newspapers, magazines, and models. Later Dee branched out to autographs, suits, and spacecraft hardware. Currently, her collection has over 12,000 pieces.

Dee continued her journey by joining the United States Air Force Auxiliary, becoming a Private Pilot, and achieving the rank of Lt. Colonel. Duties have included Squadron Commander and California Wing Director of Aerospace Education.

During her 20-year career in business, she would give presentations to schools on space. Dee has presented at regional, state, and national conferences, and has a company (Max Q Enterprises) that has developed educational systems to assist educators teaching space. Retired after 25 years in the classroom, she was a science educator, teaching Astronauts and Astronomy. In addition, Dee was also a museum curator. Her Space Gallery had the complete array of U.S. Spacecraft-Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Lunar Module, and a Space Shuttle flight deck. The gallery also housed a planetarium. She had the honor of working with over 20 Astronauts in various capacities.

Other adventures include working for the Ansari X-Prize as the announcer, viewing Space Shuttle launches and landings including Virgin Galactic events. She is an instructor for the Costa Mesa Fire and Rescue Department and an Emergency Medical Technician. In 2020, Dee became a Solar Space Ambassador for NASA.

Dee became a Future Astronaut on 10 November 2017 and looks forward to making it into space.