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Chuck Coleman (Elected to Board in 2024) is an Engineer, Test Pilot, Airshow pilot, Flight Instructor, Mechanic. His first aerospace job was as an engineer for McDonnell Aircraft working on the F4, F15, F/A-18, AV8B, YF23, A12, C17, NASP (National Aerospace Plane), NASA HARV (High Angle of Attack Research Vehicle) where he was to be deployed to Edwards AFB/NASA Dryden for 6 months.

Chuck moved on to smaller companies such as Bede Jet/Aircraft, Visionaire, Toyota Air Sports, ICON Aircraft and Scaled Composites for Burt Rutan. While at Scaled Composites Chuck became the primary Proteus Test Pilot flying the Proteus on many diverse research projects that took him across oceans and near the North Pole. He was on a small team at Scaled Composites that designed, built and flight tested the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer that flew the fastest and longest around the world non-stop, un-refueled flights. Chuck’s involvement with the Spaceship One program was for astronaut training as well as chase pilot duties for the Spaceship One’s 3 flights into space in 2004. Test Pilot for ICON Aircraft that flew the initial FAA compliant Light-Sport certification profile.

Chuck was an aviation consultant and aerobatic flight training for the actors in the movie “Top Gun: Maverick.”  He has built and restored over 12 airplanes and was part of the team that won 2 Collier Trophies. He has ATP, Glider, Helicopter, Seaplane, UAV, CFII, MEI, parachuting ratings flying with over 11,000 flight hours including 162 types flown and 41 first flights. Chuck is an Associate Fellow of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) and is a Life Patron of the Flight Test Museum Foundation.