Lockheed YF-117A
S/N 79-10783

The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk is a single-seat, twin-engine stealth ground-attack aircraft formerly operated by the United States Air Force. A product of Lockheed Skunk Works, and an off-shoot of the Have Blue technology demonstrator, the F117 was the first operational aircraft to be designed around stealth technology.

The museum’s YF-117A serial number 79-10783 is the fourth full scale development (FSD) aircraft. It was first put into service on 5 December 1981. In October 1984, two Navy pilots used #783 to conduct a performance review to evaluate the F-117A for carrier suitability. In April 2004, the airplane was used to evaluate a two-tone grey camouflage paint scheme. Tail #783 was retired in March 2007 with 2,464.6 flight hours.