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Dr. J. Clark Mason (elected to the board in 2023) retired in 2019 from a Fortune 500 Health Care Provider (Becton Dickinson) as Senior Director responsible for Global Product Management, Innovation and Mergers/Acquisitions. His commercial career focused on Biosciences located in Silicon Valley (Northern California) at start-up Venture Capital funded companies and at major Dow and Nasdaq market leaders. Throughout his commercial career he had global business and marketing responsibility for product lines that typically were >$100m and for business mergers typically $40m to $210m. Prior to this he had a successful academic career at various USA, United Kingdom, Irish, Brazil, and Swiss Universities, holding multiple post-doctoral research fellowships, resulting in over 40 peer reviewed publications and patents. He has maintained a lifelong interest in aviation and the history of aviation, frequenting many museums worldwide. In addition, he has held memberships to Flying Clubs in UK and USA, holds a Single Engine Pilot’s License (Instrument and night rating) and a Pilot’s Sailplane license (Bronze badge and Silver Altitude/Duration). He is a naturalized US citizen and lives in Northern California with his wife, child, dog, and parrots. Clark is a Life Patron of the Flight Test Historical Foundation.